Dirty Water Disposal

A clean environment – thanks to action by us

When facades are cleaned, not only grime but also problematic substances are washed off. Substances such as lead, cadmium, asbestos, zinc, nickel and hydrocarbons seep into the soil or flow into the sewerage system. When chemical cleaning agents are used the situation is even worse.

ETRAS takes care of these problems.
It begins with securing official permission. Dates are coordinated. ETRAS’ portable units can quickly arrive at their place of deployment – anywhere in Germany.

ETRAS: a reliable partner
From installing the waste water treatment system to disposing of the harmful substances removed – the specially trained ETRAS staff have everything under control.

Arguments in favor of ETRAS
ETRAS assumes responsibility for all matters relating to the waste water. And thanks to records it keeps on the regularly conducted analyses ETRAS ensures you can prove the dirty water was properly disposed of.

4 reasons for choosing us!

• Specialist waste management company pursuant to EfbV,
  the German Directive on Waste Management Companies
• Working in accordance with DIN ISO 9001
• working in accordance with DIN ISO 14001
• TÜV monitored pursuant to section 19I WHG, the German Federal Water Act

The mobile ETRAS trailer