ETRAS Scope of Services

A Description of ETRAS Services

What does ETRAS offer?

ETRAS operates portable water treatment systems to clean and dispose of water used for cleaning facades. These devices are especially designed to treat this type of waste water. In Spring 1997, ETRAS conceived and built a new unit system capable of handling a higher water throughput than the previous model (2m³/hr.). We now successfully utilize six of these new systems.

Originally, we offered a service to painters, building cleaners, stone masons and others working with facades: namely to capture the dirty water incurred during cleaning work and discharge it into the sewer system (as dirty or combined waste water) in accordance with the respective provisions. This quickly developed into a very much wider range of services
This begins with registering the building site with the responsible authorities and continues with securing discharging permission, covering windows, doors etc., installing sheeting or channel troughs to capture the dirty water, treating the facade (cleaning the stones with and without chemicals, stripping paint, sandblasting, low pressure wet blasting), treating the soiled water and finally disposing of the paint and varnish waste.

ETRAS guarantees both clients and the authorities that it will meet all provisions and comply with the respective limits for water used for cleaning facades that is discharged. Indeed, when dirty water is processed using an ETRAS treatment system the discharge limits are lower than those prescribed by authorities. It is demonstrable that even strongly polluted waste water can be cleaned such that it can be discharged into the sewer system.

ETRAS trailer in front of scaffolding