Types of Dirt

Types of Dirt

Essentially, types of dirt can be divided into the following main groups

Mineral pollution
The products of corrosion (airborne soot, verdigris, brown stone, patina), sinter deposits and gypsum crust (obstinate, encrusted grime), grout residue, weathering products, stained concrete, soiled pigments and a wide variety of salts.

Organic soiling
Oil, grease, soot, bitumen, coats of paint, graffiti, algae, moss, mold, bird excrement, dog urine.

Heavy metals
Various heavy metal concentrations can be observed in almost all dirt deposits, largely lead, zinc and copper.

House facade before the removal of graffiti House facade after the removal of graffiti
House facade before and after the removal of graffiti
Clinker masonry before cleaning Clinker masonry after cleaning
Clinker masonry before and after cleaning