Information on Tenders

Information on Tenders

What must not be missing from a tender?

The text employed for a tender should be so worded that it reflects both the environmental aspects and the relevant regulations.

It is normal practice that tender texts on façade modernization are issued by municipal building authorities, federal building authorities and architects at a municipal and private level. These tenders usually list the building or modernization or cleaning work to be carried out in great detail. Often the type of measures to be carried out is specified exactly. However, it is rare for the agency issuing the tender to refer to the orderly disposal of harmful substances incurred during the task in line with environmental regulations.

More frequently you encounter generally worded texts such as "Any harmful substances incurred should be disposed of in an environmentally sound way ", or "The client must ensure that the legal provisions are complied with on disposing of waste incurred ". Sometimes disposal is not mentioned at all, which would suggest a certain ignorance or lack of confidence on behalf of the tender issuer.

However, in many instances municipalities or architects are not sufficiently aware of the environmental impact of harmful substances occurring during façade work. At any rate, the topic "disposal" must be included as a general heading and treated separately. The following sub headings are logical:

• securing permission from the relevant authorities
• install recovery trough
• waste water treatment
• disposing of the sludge produced
• self-control, checking the discharge concentration