The Benefits of Partnership

ETRAS Partnership

What are the rewards of an ETRAS partnership?

• ETRAS GmbH has been in business since 1988 and is the only firm operating throughout Germany that treats the water used for facade cleaning and performs the attendant work on the facade itself.

• ETRAS is the clear market leader!

• the water treatment systems used by the ETRAS Group are state-of-the-art technology!

• ETRAS is recognized by the authorities throughout Germany!

• ETRAS is recommended by the major paint manufacturers!

• ETRAS services represent a market with a promising future!

• ETRAS firms are successful!

What benefits does the franchisee enjoy as a member of the ETRAS Group? What services does the franchisor provide?

• Before a company is set up every franchisee is given objective advice about financing options and types!

• Every franchisee gets detailed information from the franchisor about their work as an ETRAS partner!

• Prior to working independently the franchisee works for at least 1-2 weeks in an existing company!

• For the duration of a year the franchisee is entitled to avail himself of free advice and assistance from the franchisor (e.g., the formulation of offers)!

• Biannual ERFA conferences are held for all franchisees in the ETRAS GmbH seminar room in Offenbach. Aside from exchanging experiences there are regular seminars on important and current topics!

• The franchisor conducts nationwide advertising!

• At large, important fairs the ETRAS Group is represented by the franchisor!

• The franchisor maintains nationwide contacts to authorities, regional and federal trade guilds, associations and the trade press!

• The ETRAS Group is represented by the franchisor in a committee of experts from the German Alliance of Water Management Associations or ATV. The ATV draws up new guidelines for the treatment of waste water (from façade cleaning) and other waste matter on facades. These guidelines are valid for all of Germany and serve the authorities as a basis for their work!